New Tools Lead to a New World

Our mission is to deliver a new future with new technologies.

We strive the following to achieve this mission.

  • 01To constantly develop and improve our proprietary technology of designing and producing RNA editing protein to make it global standard of gene editing technology.
  • 02To research and develop safer and more reliable gene therapies with this technology to contribute to patients around the world suffering from diseases.
  • 03To create innovative pharmaceuticals with this technology to meet unmet medical needs
  • 04To create a more affluent world by applying this technology to a variety of fields, including agriculture and chemistry.

Corporate Codes of Ethics and Conduct

Based on our management philosophy, we have established Corporate Codes of Ethics and Conduct (this "Codes") as follows, with which all our officers and employees comply.

  • 01Compliance with Laws and Regulations

    We will conduct business with integrity and a high level of ethics in any countries and regions, respecting the laws and regulations, fair social rules, and norms thereof.

  • 02Fair Research & Development

    We will realize more advanced and safer technologies, products, and the creation of value based on scientific exactitude with cutting-edge research.

  • 03Comfortable Work Environment

    We will respect the personality and human rights of individuals and strive to create an open and pleasant workplace.

  • 04Information Security Management

    We take care of protection of personal and confidential information and take necessary measures to manage information security.

  • 05Fair disclosure and constructive dialogue with stakeholders

    We will disclose corporate information in a timely, appropriate, and fair manner, and engage in constructive dialogue with our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, investors, government agencies, local communities, and society, to increase corporate value.

  • 06Conservation of Sustainable Global Environment

    We, receiving lots of benefits necessary for our business from the Earth, will promote business activities in consideration of environmental preservation to realize a better global environment.

  • 07Crisis Management Systems

    We strive to build an organizational crisis management system regarding the the critical uncertainty that threaten citizenship and corporate activities such as actions of antisocial forces, terrorism, cyber-attacks, disasters, pandemics.

  • 08Enforcement of Codes

    We make all officers and employees fully aware of this Codes and establish an internal system so that we can realize this Codes in our business activities.
    In the event of loss of social credibility due to violation of this Codes, the management takes the initiative in investigating the causes and preventing recurrence.