2024.01.31 Information

EditForce achieved selective enhancement of translation from target mRNA in human cells using programmable RNA-binding PPR proteins

Through our collaborative research with Professor Takahiro Nakamura of the Kyushu University Faculty of Agriculture, we have pioneered the development of PPR technology, selectively enhancing translation from the specific mRNA in human cells. This groundbreaking technology targets proteins directly involved in the proliferation of cancer cells, effectively inhibiting their growth by increasing protein expression. The successful demonstration of this technology’s efficacy is a significant milestone. The paper detailing this research was published in the academic journal "Scientific Reports" on January 2, 2024.

This study indicates that PPR-based translational enhancement is a versatile technology applicable to various endogenous mRNAs in human cells and is expected to contribute to research and development of treatments for various genetic diseases that were difficult to treat with conventinal technologies. We will push forward our R&D utilizing this achievement to create novel drugs.

Article Information

Ping, N., Hara-Kuge, S., Yagi, Y. et al. 
Translational enhancement of target endogenous mRNA in mammalian cells using programmable RNA-binding pentatricopeptide repeat proteins. Sci Rep 14, 251 (2024).