2024.05.24 Information

EditForce Made Poster Presentation at the Annual Meeting of American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy

EditForce participated in the annual meeting of American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy (ASGCT), held in Baltimore, Maryland during May 7-11, and made the poster presentation on base substitution of RNA utilizing PPR platform technology, our proprietary gene editing technology.

ASGCT, with its mission to advance knowledge, awareness, and education leading to the discovery and clinical application of genetic and cellular therapies to alleviate human disease, is a membership community where diverse professionals from various institutions such as government agencies, universities, hospitals, patient advocates, and pharmaceutical companies participate. This year's annual meeting was the 27th in series.

We made the poster presentation on C-to-U RNA editing using PPR protein in human cultured cells, and C-to-U RNA editing in vivo by systemic dosing of AAV-PPR-editor. In this presentation, we demonstrated C-to-U editing efficiency of the target base in human cells and respective organs of mice and the low occurrence of off-target, gene editing of RNA sequences other than the target, and had meaningful exchange of ideas with the participants.

We will strive to advance C-to-U editing and other platform technologies and apply them to gene therapy drugs to deliver innovative gene therapies utilizing our proprietary technology to patients as soon as possible.